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The Hottest Girl's of Facebook: Charlotte Thomson - Truro, United Kingdom

When I joined Facebook I was introduced to some of the Hottest Girl's in the World! So I made them my "Facebook Friends".

Friday, February 27, 2009

Charlotte Thomson - Truro, United Kingdom

Charlotte ThomsonSo who am I really then? Behind all the pouting and sultry posing that any modeling demands I am a girly girl of a friendly disposition. I love life and enjoy loads of really great friends. I am the first to admit that I am very lucky with my work as I get to meet loads and loads of really nice people. I know that because of my friendly and approachable attitude I always make friends easily and normally take one new friend away from every shoot. Whilst I admit to being 'Girly' please don't stereotype me. I have now successfully completed a 3 year degree in Business which comes in very useful especially as I launch my ecommerce business selling the absolute best thing in the world ever - SHOES

I take pride in being ambitious and I'm not embarrassed by it. I work REALLY hard and I always put everything into an assignment. I'm never difficult or demanding and will always try to accommodate photographers and directors to the enth degree. Obviously having fun along the way.

I love modelling; I love the glamour of it all. I adore the busy, stressful, last minuteness of a busy shoot and that I have to adopt and adapt different characters and styles at the blink of an eye.

I have been SO lucky as well in that I have worked with some big names in the photographic world including Bjorn Thomassen and Andy leSauvage all of whom are industry recognized geniuses. Modelling is my first love. I am working as hard as possible to just get that elusive break that all aspiring models seek with every inch of their being.

I hate the word 'Fan' but I now have a hugely successful social networking infrastructure that has evolved into tens of thousands of 'Friends'. Whenever I take on a new assignment I always make the most if this and announce it to my 'Friends' so they can be a part of my story.

It's amazing. I can do a shoot for say a magazine and on the day of release I get such a HUGE response it's very humbling really that all of these people want to see my work. I update my details regularly and have some good friends who help me when time is tight or when I'm away on assignment.

So in summary then I suppose I am a very ambitious and determined person who thrives on perfection and insists on 100% effort. I have fun and make a point of fully enjoying what I do whilst always remaining professional.

I try to live life to the full everyday, and won't give up until I've made it...

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