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The Hottest Girl's of Facebook: Brandy Brewer - Cornwall, UK

When I joined Facebook I was introduced to some of the Hottest Girl's in the World! So I made them my "Facebook Friends".

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brandy Brewer - Cornwall, UK

Well if you haven't already heard of me, I'm Brandy Brewer Check out my website lol Last year I ventured into the Glamour industry and at the moment I'm having a ball and really enjoying life, but it's not just landed in my lap!
I have worked really hard to get where I am today and it hasn't been without it's struggles and disappointments, I am so pleased with my progress but know I still have a long way to go yet, I am aiming for Page 3 so I hope you will all support me on my journey!!

I have been published in some of the top Lads mags and have done several Calendars and car shows.

I have made some great friends along the way, but it's my friends at home in Cornwall which mean the most to me always there for me and support me every step of the way. I really appreciate all the support I have had from my fans too because at the end of the day I'd be nothing without them so thanks everyone!!!

I 'm a fun loving girly from Cornwall, I love life and live everyday as if it's my last, I have lost some dear friends lately so I want to make the most of my life and make them proud. R.I.P Sophie Banks, Daniel Cudd & Roger Irons.

I'm a bit of an idiot, but don't mind making a tit outta myself, I'm one of those ppl that laugh at their own jokes lol sad really! I'm definitely a ppl person but enjoy having some me time too.

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