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The Hottest Girl's of Facebook: Porchia Watson - London

When I joined Facebook I was introduced to some of the Hottest Girl's in the World! So I made them my "Facebook Friends".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Porchia Watson - London

Hey I'm Porchia and I'm from good old Essex!!!!! woo hoo!!!! I am a page 3 girl for the Daily Star and have appeared in FHM, Maxim, Loaded, Ice mag among many others. I totally love what i do and hope to do it for a lot longer!! i love goin out with my friendz n havin a good time!! AT THE MO I COULDNT B HAPPIER!!! I have one true friend and although i don't see her that often i love her 1 bits and i still trust her with my life..... n if she is readin this then she will no that i wish i saw her more!!!! LOVE YA LAY!!!!! i am a really friendly person who will alwayz make her own judgment and not follow the crowd!!! i love 2 meet new ppl style> table, trn hate makin enemy's! i totally love F.R.I.E.N.D.S and think its the best T.V show ever made!!! chlo totally knowz wot i mean!!!!! I went 2 collage n studied film studies, theatre and photography, unfortunately i had to leave to for fill my modeling career!! Since then i have meet people i will love and trust 4eva!!!

For all you guys that don't know, I'm a Page3 girl for the daily star and have appeared in magazines such as:
as well as many others.


steve peters said...

you are the hottest girl on this planet! wow! steve, belgium

Anonymous said...

Damn u sexy as hell i wanna bang u against my wall wats ur number im in london 2

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dude, I think I will start visiting your blog more often! Hahaha, it's the perfect place for my spare time! It's a shame I was not able t play those videos!

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