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The Hottest Girl's of Facebook: 2/22/09 - 3/1/09

When I joined Facebook I was introduced to some of the Hottest Girl's in the World! So I made them my "Facebook Friends".

Friday, February 27, 2009

Charlotte Thomson - Truro, United Kingdom

Charlotte ThomsonSo who am I really then? Behind all the pouting and sultry posing that any modeling demands I am a girly girl of a friendly disposition. I love life and enjoy loads of really great friends. I am the first to admit that I am very lucky with my work as I get to meet loads and loads of really nice people. I know that because of my friendly and approachable attitude I always make friends easily and normally take one new friend away from every shoot. Whilst I admit to being 'Girly' please don't stereotype me. I have now successfully completed a 3 year degree in Business which comes in very useful especially as I launch my ecommerce business selling the absolute best thing in the world ever - SHOES

I take pride in being ambitious and I'm not embarrassed by it. I work REALLY hard and I always put everything into an assignment. I'm never difficult or demanding and will always try to accommodate photographers and directors to the enth degree. Obviously having fun along the way.

I love modelling; I love the glamour of it all. I adore the busy, stressful, last minuteness of a busy shoot and that I have to adopt and adapt different characters and styles at the blink of an eye.

I have been SO lucky as well in that I have worked with some big names in the photographic world including Bjorn Thomassen and Andy leSauvage all of whom are industry recognized geniuses. Modelling is my first love. I am working as hard as possible to just get that elusive break that all aspiring models seek with every inch of their being.

I hate the word 'Fan' but I now have a hugely successful social networking infrastructure that has evolved into tens of thousands of 'Friends'. Whenever I take on a new assignment I always make the most if this and announce it to my 'Friends' so they can be a part of my story.

It's amazing. I can do a shoot for say a magazine and on the day of release I get such a HUGE response it's very humbling really that all of these people want to see my work. I update my details regularly and have some good friends who help me when time is tight or when I'm away on assignment.

So in summary then I suppose I am a very ambitious and determined person who thrives on perfection and insists on 100% effort. I have fun and make a point of fully enjoying what I do whilst always remaining professional.

I try to live life to the full everyday, and won't give up until I've made it...

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tameka Dean - Sydney, Australia

Tameka, Pet of the Month December 2008


Danger! Curves Ahead! Sydney stunner Tameka Dean shows all the right moves..

Congratulations, Tameka! What does being crowned 2008 Pet of the Year mean to you?

It’s amazing! I’m so proud of myself, in that I’ve actually achieved what I wanted to achieve.

Is it true that you will donate half of your prizes to a breast cancer charity?

Yes, I’m working on an auction at the moment, but it might take a while to organize. I’ve known a few people affected by breast cancer, so that’s an area I want to work with.

How much touring and self-promotion did it take to win the title?

A lot! I answered every fan message individually. And all the travelling! That was the hardest part—constantly touring—but it was well worth it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

World's Hottest Weekly - Kimberley Jade Roberts

I'm a shopaholic once i pop i just cant stop, from shoes to bags i love it all, fashion is my passion and my greatest ambition i love to mix and match always love finding a catch something on sale makes me whale. I'm a part time model powder on the nose and paint on the toes and I'm put straight n front of the camera flash flash its such a bash modeling is my greatest achievement, since September 2007 it has put me in heaven i have found my passion and ambition, something to make me different from the rest, an individual is what i like to be just something different and completely all me.

The one thing i am so glad i have done.. is my modeling. I started when i was younger but didn't pursue it and then i was noticed in September 2007 and since then i have managed to get so far, i have had a lot of criticism of people but every remark just makes me stronger, it is something i really enjoy and work hard at and i feel if i work hard at it , then i deserve everything i get.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

World's Hottest Facebook Girls: Tyler Faith - Los Angeles, CA

World's Hottest Facebook Girls: Tyler Faith - Los Angeles, CA

Tyler Faith - Los Angeles, CA

Porn Star Tyler Faith is a breathtakingly beautiful blonde bombshell who has been working exclusively for Jill Kelly Productions from almost the outset of her carnal career. A toned, tight-bodied temptress who has obviously strutted her stuff across quite a few strip club stages, Tyler embodies everything that fans want in a porn star. From her gorgeous face to her well-enhanced bra busters to her lusciously long legs, Tyler Faith is a vision of vivacious blonde sexuality.

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