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The Hottest Girl's of Facebook: Kitty Lea - London

When I joined Facebook I was introduced to some of the Hottest Girl's in the World! So I made them my "Facebook Friends".

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kitty Lea - London

I’m slightly geeky and I’m interested in drawing anime, reading, playing fighting games on the x box, martial arts, banksy, Chinese lucky waving cats, dancing, and most of all shopping ‘ when its not busy’. At the minute I’m also learning how to play guitar! Woooo go me!

It goes without saying true friends applaud you for beauty, not resent you for it..!

Guns, swords and weaponry fascinate me. Fast cars also get me very excited. The first thing I would do if I won the lottery would be to go and buy myself a Ferrari 360 spider and drive till my arms fell off. But until that day ill happily cruise around in my 1 litre Corsa that’s about to fall apart...

Don’t hate me if I don’t reply to your messages and comments… I have a life to live… and emailing the 100 or so emails I get each day would quite frankly be impossible… but every now and again I will try and get back to you persistent few to show my appreciation...

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